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We offer many different counseling options to help you. Whether you are looking to begin weekly psychotherapy, or are looking for more practical tools/techniques to compliment your therapy, we seek to provide a wide range of options.


The fee per session depends on the psychotherapist seen and his or her level of experience/ expertise.


Marriage and Family Therapy Intern: $60/session for Individual and $75 session for Couples/ Family

Marriage and Family Therapy Associate: $90-100/session for Individual and $100-110/session for Couples/ Family

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist:$150/ session for Individual and $175 for Couples/ Family

Group Therapy sessions are $75.00 per person and require an intake session at $100. Groups typically are structured in 8-week formats.

Workshops for individuals cost $150 per day. Our couples workshops are usually $300 per couple.

Supervision is available for professionals in the field as well as post-graduates gaining hours for licensure. Ellen Gregory, LMFT, Elena Hull, LMFT, CAT and Christina Curtis, LMFT are available for Supervision, on-site, at $150 per session.

If you are interested in receiving counseling services at a reduced fee, please phone us at 917-968-5599.