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Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress

Counseling and Psychotherapy in NYC for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.

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“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” ~ Pema Chodron


Post Traumatic Stress is a natural and expected response to trauma and can manifest itself in the form of anxiety or terror, depression, nightmares, sleep disturbances, flashbacks, poor eating habits,  affect your focus, and become a distraction to your daily living, as well as, hinder your quality of life and relationships with others. It is possible to experience these symptoms from the time of the traumatic event until years after the trauma occurred.

While many traumatic events are usually life threatening and involve physical harm; any situation that leaves you to feel frightened, fearful, alone, helpless, and unsafe is traumatic.  Trauma experiences cannot be minimized. Your experience is real.

Treatment for Trauma

Trauma recovery is a challenging, intricate journey, but one that also becomes more manageable with time, commitment, and support. When people experience trauma, they are often left in a state of post traumatic stress- panic, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety, or fear. These are natural responses to significantly difficult events that negatively affect a person’s worldview and security, as well as, leave a person feeling anxious and disempowered.

Sometimes people are in a constant state of trauma and don’t identify it as such. If you have experienced childhood abuse, either sexual or physical, lived in a home with domestic violence or an angry parent that made you fearful, had sudden experiences of loss or death, had a parent who suffered from a mental illness, or grew up in an alcoholic family system, and have a hard time managing life and relationships, you may have experienced trauma.

Common Symptoms of Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress:

  • Have you experienced trauma and find yourself living in fear?
  • Do you feel shame, anxiety, depression, low self esteem due to trauma?
  • Are you a survivor of trauma wanting to regain control of your life?
  • Are  you still reliving experiences from your traumatic childhood experiences?
  • Do you find that your relationship is filled with anxiety, fear of abandonment, anger, or fear of intimacy?

Some people that have been exposed to trauma feel shame, guilt, and anger. Others may experience panic attacks, shortness of breath and intense fear in triggering circumstances, social anxiety, and fear of building or maintaining relationships with others. Conversely, people may describe feeling numb, not knowing how to feel and process painful experiences of the past.

How Trauma Counseling Can Help You.

It is possible to move forward from trauma with a guide who will meet you where you are, support you, listen to your story and hold your pain with compassion, support, and hopefulness as you begin to process what feels comfortable for you at your pace. You have a right to free yourself from the chains that bind you to your trauma.

Healing from trauma is a journey that may take many forms. Individual therapy is the place to start and build a foundation, a safe space to process and recover form what you have been through. Couple therapy may be needed as an adjunct to help you experience a more healthy form of intimacy. Family therapy is also an option you can choose, once you have enough healing to be present and regulate emotion around family members. Our therapists will help you make sense of this journey.

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Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy is located in the Midtown East area of NYC and provides individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, premarital counseling, anger management, and various groups and workshops to compliment your therapy work.

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We offer a few groups and workshops to compliment your individual and couples work. Groups and workshops are experiential in nature and provide you with tools and techniques you can implement in your daily life.

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Anger Management Workshop

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