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NYC Counseling Services

Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling in NYC, Anxiety, Depression, and Couple Therapy in NYC

We are a private, group practice of Therapists in NYC who are systemically and relationally trained Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and MFTs in training, working with adult individuals and couples struggling in relationships and in life in general. We provide individual counseling services,  couples and marriage counseling, premarital counseling and various groups/workshops . Our clients usually come to us struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Our mission is for our clients to learn to experience healthy, fulfilling committed mutual relationships and discover a new purposeful, grounded, and energized way of being in this world.

Skilled Therapists

We offer a safe, accepting space within the city for healing. Our community of clinicians are skilled to help you alleviate suffering, enhance your relationships, and enrich your life.

A Humanistic Approach

We have a humanistic and holistic approach to healing that listens to and tends to the minds, bodies, and souls of our clients.

Sliding Scale Available

We are able to offer a sliding scale for clients who work with an Associate in our training program to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Are you struggling with:

anger management nyc, anger classes


Excessive and prolonged anger has a negative impact on your emotional and physical health, as well as professional and personal relationships.  Read More…

treatment for anxiety, panic, chronic anxiety, ptsd, excessive worry, nyc, counseling for anxiety


Anxiety can feel terrifying, debilitating and can sometimes cause us to make choices in our lives where anxiety is the driving force.  Read More…

Treatment for Depression, depression counseling and therapy


Sometimes depressive feelings can become overwhelming, persistent and prolonged and can interfere with our daily functioning.  Read More…

trauma counseling, ptsd, post traumatic stress, trauma therapy


Post Traumatic Stress is a natural and expected response to trauma and can manifest itself in many different forms.  Read More…

Beneath Anger, Anxiety, and Pain Lie Areas That Need Your Focus:

relationship counseling, couples counseling

Your Relationships

A relationship is about connection and attachment. Sometimes relationships nourish us and sometimes they deplete us.  Read More…

therapist in nyc, psychotherapy, nyc therapists

Your Work

Therapy can be a place to face your dissatisfaction or stress related to work in ways that can reshape the way you invest in and engage with your livelihood. Read More…

nyc therapist, psychotherapist in nyc

Wounds Connected To Family

Trauma, addictions, and dysfunctional patterns can be passed down through the generations.  Read More…

psychotherapy in NYC, psychotherapist, therapist, counselor

Your Self

Dealing with low self esteem, co-dependency, and disconnection to self can feel really scary, lonely, shameful, and discouraging.  Read More…

Therapy Offers A Space to Connect With Your:

therapist in nyc, psychotherapist, nyc counseling

Your Mind

We often pick up habits of thinking that are not necessarily native to our own mind but that we observed and unconsciously internalized.  Read More…

NYC psychotherapy, mind, body, spirit, holistic counselor

Your Body

We’re in our heads a lot. As we grow into adulthood, our body’s signals become lost to us: hunger, fatigue, headaches or stomachaches become  Read More…

Spiritual Psychology, therapist in nyc

Your Spirit

True engagement with ourselves requires intellectual connection, emotional connection, and connection with spirit.

Read More…

NYC Psychotherapist

Your Creativity

Therapy can be a place to develop our internal landscapes, to heighten joy and to discover more deeply who we are and who we want to be.  Read More…