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Couples Coaching – Communication Skills

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“I want to see you. Know your voice. Recognize you when you first come ’round the corner.” ~ Rumi

Communication Skills Coaching

This is a goal-oriented, intensive, program to help couples get un-stuck and break problem patterns, find solutions, communicate effectively, and create a path to move forward. The duration of sessions and amount may be tailored to each couple, with an average of 10 recommended.

Couples Coaching is different from couples therapy and marriage counseling in that goals are established and quickly achieved through longer, intensive sessions focusing mostly on communication. Some couples come in to work on something specific, while others want to learn new communication skills and the ability to resolve their own conflicts with one another. In traditional couple therapy and marriage counseling, change usually unfolds over time, through regular, weekly sessions. In couples coaching, the demand of busy work and family lives, is understood and longer sessions can be scheduled further apart.

* For couples to receive the most benefit out of our work, it is recommended for both members of the couple to also be in private, individual therapy.

Couples Coaching works great for:

Communication Changes: Coaching can help couples learn to communicate from a respectful, conscious place, where intention is used to set the frame of a discussion. Problem patterns of blaming, defending, dismissing, stonewalling, and reactivity are not allowed in the process. Ellen has a compassionate, supportive, and directive style which equalizes the power dynamic in the couple and provides for a safe space for clients to communicate, which often feels very different from arguments at home.

Life Transitions: Some couples need assistance around life changing events such as career changes, birth of a child, caregiver issues, commitment, parenting, and cultural/ religious differences. Roles and boundaries may need to be renegotiated, and coaching provides the space to do so.

Commitment: Coaching can help couples who are stuck in a place before formal commitment such as engagement, marriage, or domestic partnership. Anxiety, doubt, fear and ambivalence around decisions to commit are explored and resolved.

Separation and Divorce: When parents decide to work together to end their relationship, children benefit from reduced emotional trauma and solid parenting plans, knowing that both parents are deeply concerned at providing the best possible outcome to a very difficult situation.

Mediation: Ellen is trained in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce and can work with your attorney (Mediator or Collaborative Divorce Attorney) to help resolve conflicts and come to a settlement arrangement.

Decision Making: Sometimes couples need help to make life-changing decisions and can’t seem to do it on their own. Coaching session can be tailored around an event or specific time-period to help couples come to an agreement.

Extended Sessions are Necessary

Sessions last 75-90 minutes (1.5-2 sessions) to allow enough time to open difficult topics and conversations, to get to the deeper core of issues, to truly hear and understand one another, to resolve differences on the issue/topic, and close the session in a safe contained way so couples don’t leave in the middle of an argument. The 10 session couple coaching program is equivalent to 20 sessions of therapy.

Ellen Gregory, LMFT

Couples coaching and couples communication skills coaching is provided by Ellen Gregory, LMFT. Ellen Gregory is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Founder and Executive Director of Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy, PC.

Ellen has been trained in Mediation through the Center for Mediation and Law, and as a Collaborative Divorce Coach through the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Groups/ Workshops at Midtown

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Communication Skills Workshop

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