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Couples Communication Skills Workshop

Communication skills workshop for couples, communication workshop in NYC. This one day workshop is a communication skills training in NYC for couples.

couples communication skills workshop nyc

A 1-day couples workshop

I help couples who just can’t seem to understand each others perspective. Couples who have the same conflicts over and over again, and can’t find resolution.

Often, its due to habits of blaming, attacking, repetitive arguments, and seeking to be heard rather than to listen. Often, individuals haven’t learned to speak vulnerably, to share from a place of self-agency and personal responsibility, and in a couple relationship, this inability to be authentic becomes destructive. Habits like these create scar tissue in a relationships. The dynamic of “if he would only….” or “if she would just…” keeps couples frozen in a never-ending spiral.

5 mistakes couples make that keeps them struggling for connection:

  • Blaming or attacking your partner.
  • Engaging in repetitive arguments.
  • Seeking to be heard rather than to trying to listen.
  • Avoiding difficult conversations.
  • Needing to always be right.

Each of these patterns leaves couples alone and wanting – Wanting the experience of being seen and heard. Wanting their partner to understand and empathize with a perspective different from their own. This… is a valuable experience between two people.

“True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.”

–Michael Bassey Johnson

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Saturday June 17, 11-4pm

This experiential workshop introduces a practice of intimate communication, mindfulness, and ownership over one’s wants/ needs that frees struggling couples from the trauma of ‘missing’ one another.

Workshop Details:

Time: 11-4pm

Cost: $300 per couple

Location: 271 Madison Ave, Ste. 708, (b/n 39th and 40th) NYC


For more information, you can phone our practice at 917-968-5599 or send us an email.



Pre-registration is required before the workshop. Payment is accepted via paypal (button below)

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