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Our Greatest Strength is our Vulnerability

Posted by elenahull in A Deeper Place Within, Fear and Courage, For Strength, Resilience, Vulnerability

Vulnerability is our capacity to be wounded, emotionally or physically. We tend to go through life creating shields and armor to protect us from what we fear and cannot control, in others and in ourselves. Strength is coming into something new with defenses down, with the trust in ourselves to know that we will have the capacity to respond from our intuitive and knowing selves.


Posted by Ellen Gregory LMFT in Resilience, Stress

Ahhh…..the wonderful holiday season is upon us. Stress thrives at this time of year, and without awareness, it can overwhelm us. We can jump in and allow ourselves to ride the wave (tidal wave for some). The tide will overwhelm us if we aren’t looking. It may be strong enough…