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Couples Communication Skills Workshop in NYC: Saturday, Feb 1

Couples communications skills workshop nyc, manhattan

Couples Communication Skills Workshop in NYC: Saturday, Feb 1

Posted by midtowncounselingnyc in Workshops 27 Jan 2014

Couples Communication Skills Workshop: February 1

Primary, romantic relationships often present us with the most rewarding and challenging dynamics. Most couples come to our practice in need of ways to communicate what they feel, want, and need. And…most couples report not feeling heard by their partner, and say that conflicts continue on, without resolution. We offer this workshop to address those needs.

  “To listen well is as powerful a means of communication  

and influence as to talk well”. ~ John Marshall


Are you struggling in your relationship with any of the following:

  • Blaming or attacking your partner
  • Engaging in repetitive arguments
  • Feeling unheard or misunderstood
  • Emotional reactivity
  • Feeling stuck in your relationship

This experiential workshop gives couples the skills necessary to deepen connection, decrease anger, resolve conflict, end repetitive patterns and to talk about issues that have been historically difficult.

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