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Womens Anger Group in NYC Begins June 26, 2012

Womens Anger Group in NYC Begins June 26, 2012

Posted by Ellen Gregory LMFT in Anger Management Group, Workshops 25 Feb 2011

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Women’s group focusing on anger and relationships.

Our support group for women offers a safe forum in which women can find ways to transform their anger through insight, self-expression, and awareness.

This group will focus on:

  • Techniques to help moderate reactive anger by learning about our own needs and what is behind our “upset”
  • How emotions impact our body and ways we can use body sensations to help us become aware of our reactivity
  • How to be more compassionate and empathic with ourselves and others.
  • How to be more articulate and effective in communicating.
  • Understanding and taking personal responsibility for our perceptions and our thoughts.
  • Looking more deeply at unconscious patterns and ways of thinking that may be getting in the way of communicating more effectively
  • New ways to respond to emotional triggers in intimate relationships, the workplace, and family by identifying and owning feelings, setting boundaries, and communicating needs.When anger is kept inside without a voice or when it continually erupts it can cause great distress. When anger is expressed safely it can be a great catalyst for change and discovery.Through a new insight into the protection anger provides, clients will learn to focus and witness their own wounding that precedes anger, to stop waiting for the source of their anger to change, and to find within themselves the strength and courage to accept the call to action: a voice holding us accountable for our own suffering.The primary teaching used in this workshop comes from the work of Marshall Rosenberg and his “Nonviolent Communication” model.Typically, clients are asked to register in 8-week cycles, which is why the payment buttons reflect $480 for eight group sessions, and $580 for the intake plus eight group sessions. This helps keep consistency within group members. If you are unsure of the amount of time appropriate for you, Rachel McDavid, the group facilitator, can help you with this on the intake session.

To Register please visit MidtownMFT here… http://www.midtownmft.com/womans_anger_group.html