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You moved me through each room: Poem by Nick Flynn

You moved me through each room: Poem by Nick Flynn

Posted by christinacurtis in Poetry, The Process of Therapy 12 Jan 2011

You moved me through each room

~ after hypnotherapy

All the rooms are empty, as if no one

had ever lived in them. You ask

where am I & I say, the kitchen,

the windows broken, the curtains

ragged, dust thick on the counters

& dead birds fill the sink. What house

& I say, it’s just a place we’re staying

between houses, jus a woman

my mother works with. Find the stairs,

you tell me & I climb them on all

fours, a door off to the right,

the knob level with my eyes, I

reach up to turn it, I’d forgotten

about needing to reach. Inside my mother sits

before a mirror, fixing her hair. I lie

on the bed & watch, inside the only room

the sun seems to enter, the only room

lit up and clean. She says, I’m going out

and I want you to be good.

the whole time I know

I can lift my hands, open my eyes & walk

back into today, but I never try.