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Inner Landscape Collage

Inner Landscape Collage

Posted by elenahull in Art and Healing, Creative Exercises, Mindfullness 22 Dec 2010

 Inner Landscape CollageThis is a creative experiential exercise used for accessing a deeper space within ourselves, to allow space for our inner wisdom to guide our awareness.


First, collect some magazines that interest you.

Flip through the pages and tear or cut out any images that naturally grab your attention.  Let the images or the colors choose you, try not to think about it.

(I keep a folder of images I have collected over the years from magazines, books, programs from dance/musical performances, newspapers, cards I’ve received, found images I’ve come across, drawings I’ve done and photos.  There is inspiration all around us.)

Buy some mod podge, multi-use glue, that allows you to be messy as it dries clear and can be put under and over images.

Have scissors, a brush for the glue, and durable drawing paper.  (I love using large sheets of black paper for my background)

You can also gather any paints, markers, ribbons, glitter, stickers, string, or materials you may already have and want to use.

Select some music for your creative adventure.

The Experience:

Create an environment:  clear some space, light a candle, put on music that moves you….

Spread your images out across a table or the floor, close your eyes and take several deep breaths, clearing your mind of anything you have to do, any expectations you might have, any anxiety around being creative.  Wait until you feel clear and relaxed.  A gentle four count in breath with a pause and then a four count exhale is a breathing technique that gives the nervous system what it needs to relax.  You can do this for the length of one song if you’d like, making sure you pick a slow and spacious song.  (I recommend using a song without words for this)

When you are ready, open your eyes and just trust whatever images catch your attention.  These are the images that want to reveal to you your inner landscape in this moment in time.  Just let yourself begin and get lost in the choosing, cutting, placing, shifting, creating, and composing.  Trust the process!  Feel free to add paint, words, and any materials you feel called to.  There is no right or wrong.  

Enter the music and the experience of making something with your hands.  Connect to your senses.  There is almost always a point of frustration or not quite feeling like it’s what you want.  Stay with it.  This is natural and if you keep playing with the materials you may notice something emerge that works in a way you never imagined.  (I have spilled paint on a collage and worked it into the composition and it ended up becoming my favorite part, give the mistakes a chance!)

When you feel complete.  Take a moment, grab a journal, and ask your collage if it has any message for you, any wisdom or knowing it wants to share.

You may be surprised by what your inner landscape has to share!