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Sanctuary: A Guided Meditation

Sanctuary: A Guided Meditation

Posted by Ellen Gregory LMFT in Anxiety, Meditations, Mindfullness, Stress 21 Dec 2010
This is a great meditation for daily practice to feel soothed, comforted, at peace, to reduce stress, to reduce anxiety, or to come out of anger.
Close your eyes and sink into your couch or chair.
Feel the chair on your skin.
Feel your shoulders, your arms, your back, and your legs.

Allow yourself to be supported by the chair, as it holds you.
Notice your breathing.
Take a few relaxing breaths.
Notice as the air enters your throat and fills your lungs.
Breathe out in a deep, grounding breath. Allow the breath to go out through your belly, your legs, and through your feet, through the floor, into the ground.

Take a few more deep breaths.

As you continue to breathe, allow your mind to wander, to a place in nature that is, or will become, your sanctuary.

Take a few moments to allow the image to emerge.

Use your senses to fully arrive.
Notice what you see. Are there trees? Water? Grass? Stone? Sand? (stay here for 30 seconds)
What do you smell? Imagine taking the scent into your body. (stay here 30 seconds)
What do you hear? Water? Wind in the trees? Ocean? Birds? (stay here 30 seconds)
Touch something. Lets your fingers feel the water, sand, rocks, grass. If you are sitting on something, what does it feel like? (stay here 30 seconds)
Notice the feeling on your face. Is there sunlight, is it a cool breeze?

If your mind starts to wander, reach out and touch something. The water, grass, stone… (stay here for 30 seconds)

Take some time to be fully present here.

In a few moments you will be leaving your sanctuary.
You may take something with you.
You will return.

Bring your awareness back to your breathing.
Take a few deep relaxing breaths.
As you feel ready come back to the room.