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Posted by Ellen Gregory LMFT in Fear and Courage, Trust 03 Dec 2009

How do you know that what you do, or are doing, is the right thing for you and those close to you? I’m not sure that we can always know in the moment – sometimes we have to trust that the journey we are on will lead us down the path that is right for us.

Sometimes we are forced to make a change in our lives and other times we choose to try something different. It can be scary to go in a different direction without certainty that you will arrive and arrive well. This is life though – right? When can we ever have certainty? We can’t. We have to trust in ourselves, and the process, that we are doing what is right for us, and what fits with how we want to be.

My journey includes wholeness, connection, happiness and satisfaction, love, intimacy, peace, and success. I try and be present in my body, with awareness, so I can make sure that I take action that fits my journey. When it doesn’t, I ask my self why – what does this mean? I often find that fear is the monster that will get in my way.

It is hard to trust in yourself and in others because it doesn’t always work out, and sometimes people do hurt you and let you down. Overcoming fear means that you are willing to try, and that you are prepared and able to overcome an unexpected result. It takes trust in the process that our experiences will lead us to a place that meets our needs.

Trusting that the journey makes sense and to weigh the journey greater than the current moment can help when fear seems overwhelming. Trust in the process and don’t let your fear derail you. Be who you want to be in the moment, and with direction of the future, and you will make it work for you.